About Temple

Topeka has been a home for several Indian families since 1960s. Topeka has offered many opportunities for Indians to grow and enrich themselves. However, one thing that all of us have missed for several decades is a Hindu Temple to worship and celebrate our culture. Hindus from Topeka travel to Kansas City for religious needs. Having a Hindu Temple right in the heart of Topeka is a dream come true for many generations of people and a great blessing. With this desire and dream, we started this historical effort to build a Hindu Temple in Topeka. Over the years the Indian community held fundraisers to build the temple. Through patience and planning, the ground breaking ceremony for the Temple was performed on Feb 17th 2018 on 2300 SW 30th ST, Topeka, KS – 66611.


The Topeka Hindu Temple will continue to serve as a true beacon of Indian culture in the present times and strive to teach the modern generation of Indians, the age old and rich values of our culture. The Topeka Hindu temple will provide a platform for all members to come together socially, culturally and religiously in harmony.

Trustee Member List

Full Name


Maruthi Nimishakavi President
Divyang Sandhir Vice President
Jitesh Patel Secretary
Jaya Challa Secretary
Rajini Dasaraju Treasurer
Rajini Dasaraju Treasurer
Dina Patel Treasurer
Dr. Shekhar Challa Treasurer
Dr. Swapna Mamidipally Treasurer
Atul Patel Treasurer
Anila Patel Treasurer
Dr. Purushottama
Varma Dasaraju
Jaswant Das “J.D”
Kusum Lakhani Advisor